Urban detox

Our urban detox has been created for anyone looking for that little something extra. It represents an integrated approach to boosting your well-being and a perfect opportunity for holistic treatment and complete relaxation of your mind, body and spirit.

All in one

Is the busy everyday life full of work commitments and stressful situations that come with staying or living abroad sapping your life energy? Are you craving some quality comfort that includes the opportunity for a healthy and active lifestyle even during a lengthy business absence? We've got the perfect solution for you. An urban detox. During your stay at Vila Minka, experience the ultimate comfort, a top-quality stay provided by excellent hotel services, and experience our range of options for discovering the cultural diversity, one-of-a-kind ethnological features, wide variety of culinary options and the hidden corners of our green capital.

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Indulge in superb cuisine in some of Slovenia's finest restaurants. Taste a variety of hand-picked Slovenian wines and get to know various select Slovenian winemakers. Try some tasty Slovenian sweets. Experience the rich diversity of Slovenian cuisine that reflects people's way of life. Choose all things local, organic and traditional and indulge in some one-of-a-kind gourmet adventures.


Ljubljana's cultural diversity is reflected just about everywhere. Be it the architectural masterpieces, stories and the way of life through time, cultural events or the town's hidden corners. Get to know the culture through the eyes of the locals. Experience the many myths and legends. Travel through the stories and become part of them yourself – even if only for a day. At Vila Minka, we offer you all this and much more. Experience the cultural diversity that you won't find in any travel brochures. Become an explorer.

For those with an active lifestyle

Pamper yourself at Vila Minka's wellness studio. Take a bike ride around Ljubljana or to one of the nearby hills. Recharge your body and mind with some relaxation and meditation in unspoiled nature. Admire the beauty of the nearby hills or go on a mountain adventure to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps or the Julian Alps. Have a close encounter with an ibex or a chamois. Relax your senses by doing some yoga. Experience an adrenaline rush. Strengthen your body while enjoying some fresh air. All of this in the midst of an urban, rural and mountainous world.

Special adventures

Face-to-face with a bear. In the footsteps of wolves. Bird watching. Hot air balloon rides. Apple picking. Farm work. Why don't you become a hunter, a farmer or a bird flying high up above the valley ... exhilarating adventures you'll remember for years to come. Explore.

Urban detox package

Are you one of those who want to experience as much as possible while away on a business or leisure trip? The urban detox has been created with you in mind.

Starting from 99.00 €

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